AO Marble is a quarrier and main supplier of Pietra Grey Marble and the mentioned quarry is located in Esfahan city in the center of Iran,

The monthly extraction capacity of AO Quarry is almost 80,000 Ton block to be able to supply the most important local and international enquiries in the world,

Pietra Grey Marble is a well known marble with unique technical specification which is useful for both outdoor and indoor projects.

AO Marble quarry started its professional extraction activity since 2010,

In 2014 after AO Marble registered its sister company in Verona city Italy then decided to import a section of its blocks to Verona as well.

Pietra Grey Marble Quarry

Pietra Grey Marble (Pietra Grigio) Quarry is a wide mountain area which is included of more than 30 [...]


More than 24.000 Ton/month

Quality Control

AO Marble First Selection Extracted Blocks has the below Specifications: Deep Grey Luster The minimum possible black oxidized [...]


First selection quality blocks for export aims Block Slab Tile